David Anderegg, a psychology professor from the always interesting Bennington College, recently argued the term "geek" should be banned. (He also compared it to a racial epithet.)

Maybe Anderegg would have had a semblance of a point five years ago. But not today. Not when there are now women considered to be extremely aesthetically pleasing under any standard of beauty who openly promote themselves as geeks.

Wired magazine, which has been covering the geek beat since before it was chic, holds an annual sexiest-geek competition. It gets hotter and hotter every year. We snagged some our favorite nominees from its 2009 survey in order to conduct our own internal poll.

Read on to check them out.
Who is the finest-looking geek in the land?
Kari Byron762 (19.6%)
Danica McKellar709 (18.2%)
Veronica Belmont194 (5.0%)
Felicia Day336 (8.6%)
Olivia Munn1653 (42.5%)
Marina Orlova232 (6.0%)

Kari Byron
Byron's myth-busting ways get a rise out of skeptics everywhere.
Danica McKellar
Yes, that's Winnie Cooper from "The Wonder Years." These days she publishes fancy papers and books about math.
Veronica Belmont
She may have the name of soap opera star, but when "Tekzilla" and "Qore" host Belmont is on-screen (or more likely on a podcast), she's usually talking about technology and gaming.
Felicia Day
Among her accomplishments in the World of Geek, Felica Day created the online-sitcom "The Guild," which follows the exploits of a group of multiplayer, online role-playing gamers.
Olivia Munn
Can a geek be a Playboy cover girl? It's a question we've been happily contemplating ever since the "Attack of the Show" host fronted its July issue.
Marina Orlova
The Russian-born beauty's "Hot for Words" English etymology series is one of the most popular channels on YouTube.