If you want to spice up your sex life, but aren't actually all that creative, professional "seductress" T.M. Lee has got a solution.

The saucy Canadian has penned four detailed role-playing scripts to help couples live out sexy fantasies from deflowered Mormons to inter-office fellatio. (The moving saga of "Sophia" and "Antoine," a hard-working male escort and his appreciative customer, is a personal favorite.)

"A lot of people want to try things sexually, but they're afraid of what their partner might think," Lee says. "This is a great way to get to know your partner."

Read on to find out more about the art of role-playing, and then unleash your inner thespian in the "fantasy playground" of the bedroom.

So bad it's good
Unsurprisingly, we human beings are turned on by transgression. Lee explains. "If you research, the number one fantasy is having sex out in public. The fantasies that turn people on the most [are when] you're breaking some societal or religious rule."

That doesn't mean there's no holds barred for all the "Barely Legal" fanatics out there.

Lee advises against certain scenarios -- like a high school teacher and the underage student. "There are some boundaries you can't cross," she says. "Your girlfriend's gonna look at you like, 'What? So you just really want to have sex with a 13-year-old girl?'"

(That means the "Roman Polanski in Jack Nicholson's hot tub" role-play is off limits as well.)

Role (-playing) models
Lee says that her own role-playing scripts are very adaptable -- guys have a lot of leeway with the roles and can even play them '"in character" as their favorite actor.

Why not, she says, channel Robert DeNiro, or even Adam Sandler? (NOTE: We take no responsibility for any mental scarring that results from sexual role-playing involving Adam Sandler.)

Lee says there's no reason her own script about naughty office humping, "Comeuppance," can't be set in the sexy, retro era of "Mad Men." (But we bet Matthew Weiner never dreamed of dialogue like "Prosecuting cases like yours is what I do for a living. Now turn around and bend over my desk in that position you love so much.")

For the intrepid role-player who wants a really weird challenge, we'd recommend rocking Daniel Day-Lewis in "There Will Be Blood."

Dress up before undressing
Your girlfriend is probably going to say that role-playing is too silly for her, but remind her that you're not aiming for "Masterpiece Theater." "You're supposed to have fun," Lee says. "You're going to laugh your ass off."

Absurd situations make for great comic role-playing. In Lee's "Jesus Juice" script, a young Jehovah's Witness is deflowered by a lusty widow. Just try keeping a straight face while uttering gems like "My tight little Delilah is going to bed well-stuffed tonight" and "You've got such a gorgeous sugar stick."

And you can always push things over the top with elaborate costumes. "A lot of women, they'll feel uncomfortable a little bit ... but when you tell them, 'You can go buy a wig, an outfit,' it adds a whole different element." (Never underestimate the power of a good wig -- it's enough to turn Natalie Portman into a stripper.)

Tell me a story ...
When it comes to arousal, men are pretty simple machines. Women require a bit more TLC, and tend to respond to stories. "Women like erotica," Lee says. "There's a difference between erotica and porn -- erotica has a story line. Women need to be stimulated sexually through their brain. Women want to be swept off their feet, engaged mentally."

So if you try your hand at your own role-playing scripts, don't just jump to the blow-by-blow; let the narrative tension build. In other words: Let that pizza boy emote a little before he asks who ordered the hot Italian sausage.

Get T.M. Lee's seductive scripts here. And then let us know what sort of role-playing scenarios you'd most like to try in the comments.