Just when you thought Teddy Ruxpin had cemented its reputation as the ultimate stoner teddy bear, a 2-foot-tall stuffed animal filled with marijuana shows up by mistake at toy store in California.

Joshua Vecchione, the owner of Toy Town in Ladera Ranch received a package from the U.S. Postal Service on Dec. 22. It was addressed to a man named David Lang in Colorado but listed Toy Town as the return address.

"Some mix-up took place," Vecchione said. "The postmaster should have noticed."

But he opened the box anyway and found a large blue teddy bear that he described as "hard and crinkly." He called the police, who sliced open the bear and found three 10-inch-by-10-inch vacuum-sealed packages of marijuana inside. The case is now under investigation by the narcotics bureau, which is looking for leads.

The stuffed animal has been described as indistinguishable from a normal teddy bear, except for its greater appreciation of jam bands.

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