New law gives buggy-pullers five weeks of vacation a year
The ruling also protects them from having to endure secondhand smoke, creating the most cushy job ever. (New York Post)

In more pony news -- the Belmont Stakes is in trouble
The New York Racing Association has been subpoenaed to open its books after threatening to cancel the summer event due to lack of funds. (New York Daily News)

Two teens are accused of illegally trapping a bobcat
Apparently it's against the law to tie up wild animals in the woods. (

"Bronx Swamp" was cleaned up but still remains swampy
Perhaps city officials have a different idea of cleaning than the rest of the world? (LTV Squad)

Blood bank bribes locals to donate their red stuff
Give up your blood and receive a free iTunes or Starbucks gift card. Now that's the spirit of giving. (The Lo-Down)