Nothing qualifies a person to comment on city policies and priorities more than being a celebrity. With that in mind, The New York Times asked various bold names (and a few power players we'd never heard of) to make New Year's resolutions for our fine city.

Apparently The Donald feels strongly about the (lacking) quality of our potholed roads and rusted guardrails, saying:

"Obviously, the city needs to get rid of its tremendous debt, but what would be really fantastic, really fabulous, would be to see the city roads and, especially, the guardrails get fixed up. Whenever I drive the roads in this city, I see these terrible, truly awful guardrails."

Movie director Oliver Stone has an equally petty compliant:

"... The airports are a disgrace. Any chance I get, I fly out of Newark. Even the smallest airports in China are better than LaGuardia, and you can just forget about JFK."

Thanks, guys. Guess we should spend less time worrying about righting the MTA budget and the fact that our governor is literally the blind leading the blind? Good call!