Texas Tech University fired its football coach Mike Leach last week amid allegations he mistreated sophomore receiver Adam James (the son of ESPN football analyst Craig James). Leach is accused of forcing James to stand in a dark closet for three hours, after it was deemed James couldn't practice due to a mild concussion.

On Saturday night Texas Tech defeated Michigan State in the Alamo Bowl. During the game, Red Raider fans weighed in on Leach's dismissal by waving signs in support of their former coach and booing Adam James, who was on the sideline but didn't dress for the game.

Much of the animus towards 21-year-old stems from reports suggesting his famous father orchestrated Leach's firing, as well as a widely held belief that the Texas Tech coaching staff regarded James as an entitled rich kid who refused to work hard. (Getting to that second point, our friends at With Leather posted video from April in which Leach dresses James down for improperly behaving like he "accomplished something.")

On the other hand, Leach (who would have earned an $800,000 bonus for coaching Texas Tech in its bowl game) gave the impression that he was punishing a player for suffering a concussion -- which was boneheaded, given all the recent controversy surrounding football and head injuries.

Do you think the Adam Jones incident is enough for the otherwise successful coach to get the axe? Or is something else going on in Lubbock?
Should Mike Leach Have Been Fired?
Yes -- Concussions are serious business.459 (22.7%)
No -- He really got fired for not giving a famous man's lazy son enough playing time.1564 (77.3%)