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When I signed up to attend "Sex Toys 101: A Workshop for Men," sponsored by the sex toy shop Babeland, I thought more straight men would attend to learn ninja tactics to pleasure ladies. However, I should have known otherwise, since the class took place at the LGBT Center in New York's West Village.

There's a certain feeling that contemporary heterosexuals get when in a room surrounded by only homosexuals. It's not negative, just a thought that sits at the back of the brain, Wow, look at me. I'm the only one. This must be what it's like.

But when instructor Kelly Arbor launched into an informative lecture about butt plugs, blowjobs and ball-tickling, I realized I had plenty to learn, especially when it comes to being more daring and communicative about sex.

Keep reading to find out what I learned about sex toys and how to apply them.

Lesson 1: Lubrication
Everything is better wetter. If you buy nothing else, get lube. It's the marijuana (or gateway) into sex toys. There are thousands of options, so Arbor helped break it down to the most important factors.

First, is it water-based or silicone-based? Water-based lubes are absorbed much quicker into the body and don't leave a lot of stick residue. However, for those who attempt to rival Sting's tantric sex-sessions, you may need to reapply more than once.

Silicone-based lubes last hours, sometimes days. The problem is they stain sheets, so Arbor suggests having a designated sex-sheet or buying rubber sheets. Also, don't use silicone lubes with toys, as it will break them down.

Finally, stay away from lubes containing Nonoxynol-9, as it can cause allergic reactions, and gluten, since it may cause a yeast infection.

Lesson 2: Rings
If you're having trouble lasting longer than most YouTube videos, a c*ck ring may just be the thing to help you out. Tucking it behind the balls will prolong an erection and delay ejaculation. Plus, after getting yourself under control, you can move it to in front of the balls for added sensation.

Arbor said they are somewhat of an acquired taste and a newbie should stretch a fresh silicone ring over a shampoo bottle over night. When I asked Arbor if we could use the desensitizing creams instead, his face curled and his mustache wilted. Apparently, those are very bad ideas.

Lesson 3: Vibrators
The grenade launchers women use as dildos on YouPorn are not what your girlfriend wants. She will be scared, and then very suspicious of your intentions.

Get her something small, cute and non-threatening. Don't see it as a penis substitute but as a penis supporter. A little help from her friend "Clarabelle" during love-making will make your job much easier.

Also, if you're brave, she can use it on you, pressing it into your perineum to stimulate the prostate. Arbor says he keeps a mini-vibrator on him at all times. When he's clubbing, he'll surprise a new dance partner suddenly by pressing it into their undercarriage. Don't try this on women! Not only will you be slapped, but prosecuted as a sex predator.

The takeaway? Straight guys shouldn't be afraid to be creative in the bedroom. Open up desires to your lady and she may surprise you with what she's willing to try, given the right circumstances and toys.

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