If "health reasons" are not enough to kick-start that New Year's resolution, this should be: Bikram Yoga can increase the size of a man's erection.

It's common knowledge that the 90-minute hot yoga class creates massive amounts of blood flow through various parts of the body, pelvic area included. But after hearing a few accounts from "friends" who do Bikram that their junk looks much more impressive via Web cam in the mirror, it occurred to us to ask a professional.

"'Gaining an inch in your pants for every two you lose in your waist' is a fairly common expression among fitness trainers, who share the notion with their clients as a motivator," Donna Rubin, founder and co-owner of the four locations of Bikram Yoga NYC told Asylum.

"Excelling at Bikram will undoubtedly make you healthier, and one sizable -- no pun intended -- benefit to better health is better sex."

At the very least, it yields enough reason to get off the couch. Better sex always happens as a result of one exercising regularly (assuming one can also manage the gift of gab at happy hour). But what makes Bikram so different from, say, boxing or racquetball or "My Fitness Coach 2"?

Rubin: "Bikram has been shown to increase the production of nitric oxide, which improves circulation ... everywhere. To put it in perspective, another way to increase nitric oxide levels is to take Viagra, only the drug is the quick, temporary fix. The practice can provide a healthier, long-term alternative."

If that doesn't convince you, remember that you'll likely be surrounded by hot, nubile women in downward dog.