30. Sasha Grey As Wonder Woman
Sasha Grey could have cast herself as a potato bag for Halloween and we still would have ogled here. For reasons beyond our understanding, she decided to torture us normal-size non-porn-star males by posing for Asylum's photographer as Wonder Woman. You wish you worked here, bub.

29. The Vegas Bikini Parade
What doltish assistant of ours forgot to forward our invitation to this life-changing experience? In what was merely the 800th-coolest thing to happen "only in Vegas" this year, 300 women invaded the Strip to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ... the sign on the edge of town that greets visitors. Seriously, Vegas can turn anything into a major holiday.

28. The Patriot Girls
Is there anything more patriotic than sticking it to the French, celebrating drug-addicted anti-drug advocates, and kicking liberals in the nuts? Why, yes, Glenn, there is.

To celebrate the greatest country in the world (or at least North America), one could put on a military-garb bikini and brandish an M-16, then send photos of yourself to the Asylum newsdesk. Or you could join the Patriot Girls, who are getting 'er done already.

27. Marge Simpson Naked in Playboy
Popular taste says this was a majorly hot issue of Playboy, one of the few worth buying at the newsstand in the last five or six years. We aren't sure we want to see a Simpsons character naked -- unless it's that hilarious clip from the movie in which Bart skateboards in the buff. Tiny animated peen is always hilarious.

26. Megan Fox's Lesbian Kiss in "Jennifer's Body"
As much as we would've relished deleting all references to Megan Fox from this list, we couldn't ignore her lesbian kiss in the otherwise-forgettable "Jennifer's Body." We'll just ignore Fox's presence and focus on the fact that breakout hottie Amanda Seyfried is the shy but willing girl-next-door other half of that make-out session. Will we bother watching this on DVD? Not when we have the footage right here, thanks to the Internet.

25. Carrie Prejean's Endless Scandals
We can't forget the genius that is Carrie Prejean, can we? Much as we want her to go away, we're likely stuck with the former Miss California for decades to come, decades in which she'll go from Hustler.com sensation to bestselling author to Fox News "Entertainment Hour" host to vice-presidential candidate. You heard it here first.

24. Viagra desserts
Once Viagra desserts hit every Arby's and Bahama Breeze in the country, there is bound to be a baby boom once more. In the meantime, we'll just enjoy the population explosion that happens in our pants when we have one of these things ...

23. Nude Self-Portrait Girl
River Roni is an Israeli photographer who has long refused to photograph herself. So when she decided not only to take and post one photograph of herself every day to her Flickr feed but often to do so in the nude, the Internets jumped for joy. This NSFW link rounds up the best of the best from much of her 365-day stint, which wraps up Jan. 10.

22. Real MRI of People Having Sex Wins Fake Nobel Prize
Love it or hate it, this actual MRI of a couple having sex was a viral sensation for several weeks this summer, and for good reason. It's either the grossest or the most erotic video of the year, and we encourage you to argue about it in the comments section ... and then watch it again and again.

21. Burger King Blowjob Ad
This 7-inch slab of meat will "blow" you away, according to this Burger King ad which was immensely popular in, of all places, Singapore. We're guessing that "desires" were "filled" in a huge way after this ad appeared.