You know you're a lucky guy when you find a girlfriend who puts on lingerie without having to be asked. You know you have "happily ever after" material when you find one who puts a GPS device inside that lingerie and then scampers off to hide in your sex dungeon. (Honestly, we can't think of any other use for this bizarre from a Brazilian clothing company called Lindelucy.)

Our main issue with it, and any problematic piece of sexywear, is: if it looks like it's going to make our ladyfriends uncomfortable, then why in the name of Keeley Hazell would you risk buying it -- just to have her say no to wearing it? She could end up getting turned off altogether and watch "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" marathon instead.

Keep reading to see the absurdity that is a GPS device attached to a piece of clothing that's meant to be taken off.

This gimmick has been causing controversy for ages, ever since it was introduced as a chastity belt for panties, allowing tracking by concerned fathers and paranoid partners. But now the Brazilian company is re-imagining it as the focus of its amusing "Find Me If You Can" product line from designer Lucia Iorio. Its intent seems to be directing this wave of fashion toward role-playing types and others looking for a little extra spice in the ol' sex life.

That being said, wearing a GPS device in your lingerie is a bit like an EZ Pass on a stripper -- in both cases, we know you're widely available before we even see the gadgets.

Do the benefits of a teasing game of Hide and Seek outweigh the other annoyances? We'll leave that up to you.