Fans of the (not-so-) deserted island drama "Lost" are a pushy bunch. First they flat out demanded that Disney create a "Lost" attraction at one of its theme parks, and now they appear willing to take on the president of the United States and the State of the Union address.

Typically, the State of the Union is given at the end of January. But because Barack Obama would prefer to face the nation after he has signed a health-care bill, many speculate that 2010's speech will be pushed back to Feb. 2.

Those who have been watching ABC lately know that date is also when "Lost"'s much-hyped sixth and final season is set to premiere. Furious that the nation's business might make them wait a week longer to find out what follows the nuclear explosion that ended season five, "Lost" fanatics have flooded Twitter with demands the White House avoid scheduling the address on Feb. 2.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about the "Lost" premiere at today's briefing, and it looks like the fans' display of Dharma initiative has paid off. Keep reading for video of Gibbs' statement.

Now, if only we could get the White House to care about "V."