An introduction to the sophisticated methodology we used to compile our list: You've seen the other lists. But you haven't seen the uber-list, Asylum's pseudo-statistical ranking of the decade's most covered, revealed and exposed women. We didn't just sit around a table and say, "What about ...?" "How about ...?" That's not the way we do things around here, except for when it's absolutely convenient.

Instead, we tallied lots of numbers that led to the rankings that led to the hottest, most photographed and documented woman. (For if the hot woman is not observed by salivating males, can she really be considered hot?)

Our method, in a nutshell: First, we looked at Esquire magazine covers. If you were on the cover once over the past 10 years, you scored 10 points; two covers -- a rare feat -- scored 100 points; three covers, a feat achieved only by Angelina Jolie, registered 200 points. If we hadn't excluded men, George Clooney would have been the hottest woman of the decade based on Esquire covers alone. Then we looked at some lad mags' year-end rankings, from 2000-2009. A woman ranked as the hottest woman of the year by any lad mag scored 200 points; 2nd-hottest: 90; third: 80. And so on down to 10th-hottest, who scored 10. The lad mags consist of the usual suspects: Maxim, FHM, etc.

Finally, we considered the most searched-for women of each year since 2000. We figured, hey, the Internet is a big place, so if you're most searched-for, you should score more than if you're just ranked first by a bunch of horny editors hoping to entice you in for a photo shoot. So, using data from our mother ship, AOL, and MSN, Google, Lycos and Yahoo, we gave each most searched-for woman 400 points. Second got 180, third 160, and so on down to the 10th-most searched, who scored only 20 points. In a few instances, we couldn't find all the data we were looking for. In such cases, we figured, better not to sweat it. Because nobody's going to agree with our list, anyway.

The Top 10 Most Exposed Women of the Decade:
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10. Lindsay Lohan

9. Megan Fox

8. Pamela Anderson

7. Paris Hilton

6. Scarlett Johansson

5. Christina Aguilera

4. Jessica Alba

3. Jennifer Lopez

2. Angelina Jolie

1. Britney Spears