If you're anything like us, you've gone over your first moves during the initial days of a zombie outbreak in your head: scavenging for food and supplies, erecting barricades, coming to the stark realization that friends and family may need a bullet in the brain if they turn, and steeling yourself for the horror to come.

In retrospect, however, maybe we took the possibility of the dead rising up to eat our brains too lightly, not truly exploring what some would call the inevitable future.

Luckily, someone among us has.

A Florida man named Gus (or on Twitter, manvszombies) took everything he's learned from zombie flicks and fashioned his own zombie movie of sorts. And to make matters awesome, he's been tweeting his personal account of the zombie apocalypse, complete with pics. While the process brings up some serious questions (like who would sit on their computer tweeting while the moans of the undead filled the streets?), we have to hand it to Gus -- his bravery in the decaying face of adversity is commendable, and hilarious. How can you argue with advice like this: "First new year's resolution: cut masturbation sessions in half. It turns you into a zombie magnet. They know when you are at your weakest." Truer words were never spoken.

No doubt the minds behind Twitter are overjoyed with this news, as it lends credibility to the site which many have dubbed a fad. Thanks to Gus's tweets, Twitter has now cemented itself as the social networking tool of choice for zombie aficionados who want to keep other survivors abreast of how many undead they've killed so far, or any escape plans crafted. We now know Facebook status updates just won't cut it when the dead return, and MySpace ... wait, MySpace is still around?

Follow Gus's escapades here.