You might not believe this, but there are some infomercials out there that might be full of lies. So concludes Consumer Reports, which trained its slingshot on the Snuggie, as well as other infomercial mainstays.

It hasn't held anything back, with bruising commentary like: "The Snuggie was so far from snug that several staffers had trouble walking. When washed it sheds. Each time CR laundered two Snuggies, they removed a sandwich bag worth of lint from the dryer."

We're shocked -- and have resigned ourselves to buying a Slanket instead. How could something you see in a commercial when you're drooling into your Cheetos at 4 a.m. not be what it's cracked up to be?

According to the damning Consumer Reports findings, infomercials are designed to amp up the amount of the pleasure chemical dopamine in your system and get you to buy while you're on a high. The neurotransmitter peaks in your system after six minutes of exposure to the ShamWow and then begins to wane -- so CR advises waiting 10 minutes before buying anything.