We think we're pretty much like most people in that our "Star Wars" sex fantasies start and end with Princess Leia in a metal bikini chained to a giant slug.

But those who attended the Star Wars Burlesque at the Los Angeles nightclub Bordello over the weekend now have the option of conjuring up images of sexy Boba Fett, sexy Darth Vader and, we kid you not, sexy Jabba the Hutt.

The premise of the evening is that a shapely dancer takes the stage dressed as her favorite "Star Wars" character. Then, through a series of complicated gyrations, she strips down to her vaguely "Star Wars"–related underwear and continues to dance. Everybody wins.

LA Weekly was on the scene and they took all sorts of pictures. Read on to see a couple of the best.

Aren't you a little busty for a Storm Trooper?
OK, sexy C3PO makes us feel a bit uncomfortable.