On April 22, 2009, during a discussion of torture policy with Charles Grodin, Sean Hannity agreed to be waterboarded for charity.

That promise briefly caused a cable news ruckus when Hannity's ratings-challenged rival Keith Olbermann upped the ante by offering to kick in a thousand of his own charitable dollars for every second that Hannity could last being tortured.

After a few days the story died, and Hannity never underwent the controversial interrogation procedure. Now members of the Reddit community are calling the Fox News host to task for not walking the walk and thinking up ways to put his long-broken promise back in the spotlight.

If the idea is to shame or humiliate Hannity, this may not be the best way to go about it. If push came to shove, a boxed-in Hannity could probably endure a few seconds of waterboarding. And if he did, he would definitely throw his weight around like a tough-guy torture expert.

Would You Like to See Sean Hannity Waterboarded?
Yes -- that will wipe the smug grin off of his face.545 (64.5%)
No -- I prefer to keep thinking of him as a cowardly blowhard.66 (7.8%)
I don't really care -- but I wouldn't mind seeing Keith Olbermann gasping for air.234 (27.7%)

Read on for the top five reasons Sean Hannity refuses to honor his promise to be waterboarded -- even if it's for charity.

5. His fabulous helmet of hair is actually sprayed on -- and will disintegrate if it gets wet.

4. Sean Hannity waterboarded and killed a girl in 1990. Oh wait, that was Glenn Beck.

3. Hutt-like news genius Roger Ailes has convinced Hannity to save his waterboarding stunt for the premiere of Sarah Palin's show.

2. He suspects it's all a trick to get him to publicly reveal his true feelings for erstwhile former co-host Alan Colmes. Feelings he's not proud of.

1. Sean Hannity hates charity.