When we were watching "Avatar," we were blown away by the special effects, the unreal digital beauty of Pandora and how many times we had to adjust our plastic 3-D glasses -- which were constantly slipping off our noses because we already wear glasses.

Given the number of moviegoers who wear prescription glasses, the good people of Hollywood should really be more conscious of who their audience is. But no, we're on our own, and judging from the huge number of 3-D movies coming out this year ("Alice in Wonderland," "Shrek Forever After," "Toy Story 3," etc.), you'd better be prepared.

Time to buy your own 3-D clip-ons, which will fit over any pair of glasses. And while these bad boys aren't what we'd call fashionable, at $5 a pop (shipped!) from DealExtreme, you can't really complain. Plus, you'll only use them while watching a movie, so nobody can actually tell what a loser you are. Until you go out to the lobby, forget to take them off and utterly humiliate yourself.