There's no denying that Jessica Rabbit ranks among the top of anyone's list of doable cartoon characters. But nobody asked for this: A 57-year-old great-grandmother from England spent roughly $16,000 to look like the "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" sexpot.

Annette Edwards said the idea came from her infatuation with the fictional starlet from the 1988 comedy. "I'd always been fascinated with the cartooon character Jessica Rabbit," she told the ITV program "This Morning." "I thought she was stunning, and for years I longed to look like my idol."

So, naturally, Edwards spent a chunk of change getting a breast lift, a face lift and a chin implant to transform herself into a poor woman's Ms. Rabbit. And she's pleased with the results. According to Edwards, Playboy has even contacted her about doing a photo shoot.

While we pray that photo spread never sees the light of day, here's hoping that Edwards one day finds her soul mate: an elderly man who's had plastic surgery to look like Bugs Bunny.

See Edwards talk about her surgery and her love of actual rabbits after the jump.