After giving his famed Brandenburg Gate speech in the midst of his 2008 campaign, Barack Obama became the most popular American figure in Germany since David Hasselhoff.

And now, finally, the immense personal popularity of the 44th president of the United States is about to be celebrated in an absurd stage-show spectacular. "Hope" (disturbingly subtitled "Die Obama Musical Story") is coming to Frankfurt.

The brainchild of American gospel musician Randall Hutchins, "Hope" tells the story of the 2008 campaign. The cast of characters includes the prez himself, Michelle Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. More intriguingly, a man named "RoBeat," who's been declared Germany's vice-champion in beat-boxing, plays a character named Street Beat Boxer.

So far, "Hope" has sold over two-thirds of its tickets in advance. And with momentum continuing to gather, the remaining seats -- which run anywhere from 42-151 Euros (roughly $70-$245) -- are expected to be filled by the Jan. 17 debut. But to paraphrase "Jurassic Park," they were apparently so busy singing "Yes, We Can" that they never stopped to ask themselves if they should.

Click through to check out the YouTube trailer.