Sometimes, you don't have the luxury of waiting til you get home to relieve yourself. If nature calls while you happen to be out, we hope you're at one of these fine establishments.

City Winery

Unlike any other urinal you've seen, step inside the City Winery's spankin' new bathroom and spread 'em in front of their 52-inch flat-screen television. Yup, you aim directly at the screen -- it's even got a motion detector so it knows when someone's ready to be entertained. "People are definitely surprised to see a TV, but it's how we get a captive audience," marketing director Alex Baldwin tells Asylum. Currently, you'll find teasers for upcoming events at the Winery, outdoor shots of a meadow and other funny in-house videos. And if you laugh too hard, you don't have to worry about peeing your pants!

P.J. Clarke's
This 19th-century brick tavern has more to offer than stellar burgers and an endless jukebox -- it also has colossal urinals that stand almost six feet high. Given the teeny size of this midtown joint, urinators usually have a hard time believing what they see. A proud hostess admits that "patrons are usually in awe when they come out of the bathrooms!"

The urinals in this lounge-like hotspot allow you to check out girls without being a lingering creep. With a one-way mirror, you can stare all you want and while it may seem like the entire bar is staring back, they're just checking out their reflections. This way, you're still creepy -- just fewer people know it.

Bar 89

The glass bathroom stall doors may alert your privacy meters, but fear not brave souls, once you snap the latch down the doors fog up in only three seconds, denying unwanted any access. "People always say they refuse to use the bathroom," manager Eddie Havre tells us. "I'm always promising them that the doors will frost over!"

Foley's NY
Skip the Empire State Building -- the urinals of Foley's Irish pub are a greater sight to be seen. Originally part of the Waldorf Astoria hotel, these large marble fixtures look like something you might photograph in an Italian piazza. In fact, restaurant staffers often give tours of the men's bathroom. "Ladies just want to know what the fuss is all about," owner Shaun Clancy boasts. "They either go in and say, 'Ewww, what's that smell?' -- I mean, they are 140 years old -- or they're totally amazed and pose for pictures."

Old Town Bar & Restaurant
You may encounter a line waiting to use these loos. No, the male patrons don't have small bladders, the super-old urinals are just cool to look at. A regular bartender admits, "People are constantly going in and out -- even more than what you'd normally see at a bar." In fact, these bad boys are so popular they get a birthday party thrown for them every five years. And this fall, the 100th anniversary is gonna be a blowout, owner Gerard Meagher says. Or a flush-out. Get it?!?