Conan O'Brien's seven-month stint as host of the Tonight Show will come to an abrupt end this Friday, but his loyal fans will go down fighting. And by fighting, we mean insulting NBC and Jay Leno.

"I watch CoCo, Jay's too vanilla!"; "Please save Cone, give Jay the bone!"; "Heroes is confusing!"; "Jay's not funny, he does it for the money!"

Those were the cries from O'Brien fans yesterday at a rally outside NBC headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City. Conan fans, who affectionately refer to him as "CoCo," also held rallies in support of the comic yesterday in Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Inspired by O'Brien's wit and his disdain for NBC as a result of the "Tonight Show" debacle, his supporters came armed with some hysterical signs.

Check out photos of the best signs from the "I'm With CoCo" rally at 30 Rock on the next page.

This fan used bestiality to get his point across.
A pro-choice approach to the NBC mess.
Insiders have speculated that Conan may set up shop at Fox.
Fans are also concerned with what the NBC fallout will mean for beloved trombonist Richie "LaBamba" Rosenberg.
A mathematical approach.
One artistically challenged fan with an image of Conan and the rally cry.
This fan pays tribute to O'Brien's "Pale Force" sketches where Conan and comedian Jim Gaffigan use their superpower of paleness to fight crime.
This guy definitely farted.
An Andy Richter fan who recognized his limitations, and used stencils.
A very serious fan.
And a confused fan.
One fan wearing a lot of orange also wears her sign.
This fan took a more rational approach with his sign.
So the message is, say no to drugs ... and Leno?
David Letterman would probably agree with this.
A celibate Conan fan?