4) Jessica Alba -- The actress began the decade hot on the small screen, starring in "Dark Angel" from 2000-2002. She also starred on the silver screen in "Sin City," "Fantastic Four," "Into the Blue" and "Good Luck Chuck," among others. More important, at least for now, is that she was consistently on FHM's high-alert radar: She was that publication's 6th-most sexy of 2002, 3rd-most sexy of 2006, sexiest of 2007, 3rd-most of 2008, and 2nd-sexiest of 2009. Maxim was also enthusiastic, ranking her No. 8 on its 2000 hot list, No. 1 in 2001, No. 5 in 2002, No. 9 in 2004, No. 5 in 2005, and No. 2 in 2006 and 2007. AskMen.com ranked her No. 5 in 2008, No. 3 in 2007, and No. 1 in 2006. She also did well in search, as MSN's 2nd-most searched-for woman in 2008.

2000 Jessica Starts getting a Lot of Attention for "Dark Angel"

2003 Jessica Begins Appearing in Films

2005 Jessica has a Memorable Role in "Sin City"

2006 Jessica Appears on the Cover of Playboy

2007 Unnecessary but Commercially Profitable Fantastic 4 Sequel Comes Out. Jessica Marries and Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

2008 Jessica gets a Razzie Nod for her Work in "The Love Guru"