A couple weeks ago, a Tennessee man named David Scherer broke the world record for longest time spent playing a video game straight, spending over 40 hours, 21 minutes slaughtering civilians and banging prostitutes in "Grand Theft Auto IV."

Even more impressive, he only peed three times during the gaming spree, essentially guaranteeing a future of bladder problems and urinary tract infections. No one ever said gaming was pretty (or healthy).

In honor of his momentous accomplishment, we've compiled a list of other astonishing video game records that make our high scores at "Ms. Pac-Man look like a joke.

Nonstop Dance Dancer
Way back in 2003, Drew Gamble danced his way into history by playing the arcade classic "Dance Dance Revolution" for 37.5 hours straight. Well, he was afforded some down time: 15-minute breaks every eight hours, and 30 seconds to cool his heels between songs.

It takes us 30 seconds on the machine before we start sweating profusely, yet this kid is able to dance for eight hours before he can take a 15-minute break to pee and dry heave? Forget DDR; send him to the Olympics for something.

This, for over 37 hours.

"New Super Mario Bros. Wii"-diculous Score
Mario's latest adventure to save the perpetually poached Peach has only been out for a couple months, but that hasn't stopped an intrepid gamer named Jeffrey D. Lowe Jr. from cementing an official record for most points.

The Columbus, Ohio, native made his city proud when he scored a whopping 1,820,410 points with just one life. Ironically, 1,820,410 is also the total amount of F-bombs that have been dropped by NSMBWii players after their friends "accidentally" killed them during the game.

Brooklyn Man Smashes "Tetris" DS Record, Has Awesome Name
"Tetris" is beloved for its simplicity and addictiveness; who doesn't love matching up randomly shaped blocks to see them explode? One man, however, really loves it and in 2008 achieved a perfect score on the Nintendo DS version of the puzzle game. That's 99,999,999 points.

His name? TriForce Johnson. No, that isn't a nickname (he legally changed it) and yes, he is wearing a Nintendo Power Glove in that photo.

Solid Snake Pulls Out Quickly
Speed Runs are to gaming as the 100-meter dash is to the Olympics: a focused rush to the finish line ignoring all else. One unnamed gamer -- the Michael Johnson of the hobby -- beat the original PlayStation title "Metal Gear Solid" in one hour, 55 minutes, and 31 seconds without dying.

We're guessing he skipped all the cut scenes, so that's like three hours knocked off right there. Still, an impressive feat considering the game is fairly long if you play it like a normal person. No word on whether or not he was juicing, though.

Street Fighting Man Wrecks 108 Challengers in a Row
Beating up dozens of people in a row is only possible if you're Steven Seagal, or maybe London's Zak Bennett. The former has inflicting compound fractures down to a science, but the latter is no slouch in serving up virtual beatdowns in "Street Fighter IV."

Bennett bested 108 competitors without losing a match. On a related note, 108 people will now go down in gaming history as being stepping stones to one person's success.

If this glimpse at gaming's elite only served to whet your appetite for nerdtastic feats of both skill and iron bladders, be sure to check out Asylum's comprehensive discussion with Patrick Laffaye -- the current world record holder for the classic "Frogger."