DA readies defenses against two women who might say they're lesbians maybe.Those tricky district attorneys sure are ready for anything these days. For example, just in case two strippers charged with prostitution try to claim they're lesbians, the D.A. has already subpoenaed the fiance of one of the girls. So there.

It's not that the girls, Cassandra Malandri (aka porn star Alexia Moore) and Falynn Rodriguez, have claimed that they're lesbians to prove they didn't offer sex to a cop at the Hot Lap Dance Club in exchange for $5,000. It's that they might.

The defense thinks this is less than fair, based solely on the craaaaaazy notion that the idea makes basically no sense -- what kind of defense would that be? It's not like lesbians can't also have sex with men for money. Nobody ever said prostitutes must enjoy their work.

While the fiance will be there, the judge has ruled that he will not be able to stay in the closed court while an undercover cop -- who's had death threats leveled against him -- testifies. Hold on. Undercover cops, death threats, porn stars, illegal sex, lesbians -- this is either the greatest news story ever or the makings of the world's worst Charlie Sheen movie.