If the only thing that's been putting you off Twitter is its lack of Melmackian diversity, rejoice! Gordon Shumway, aka ALF, has officially joined the social networking site. And he's rolling out those painfully cheesy one-liners like it's his job ... which it is.

You can follow ALF if you want, but he won't be following you back unless you're a cat or a Tanner. At the same time, if you're a cat that can use Twitter, you probably shouldn't waste your time worrying about whether or not ALF will follow you. Instead, go use your powers to make peace in the world.

We know there are a lot of crazy ALF fans out there. (WARNING: The link contains video footage of man in a homemade ALF costume screaming obscenities at his cat and laughing maniacally.) We figured it was our duty to let you know about this.

Still no word on whether Rhonda will join Twitter or not so that the two will finally be reunited.