1) Britney Spears (by a landslide) -- The hottest, baddest mouse on the planet, scoring (on our bizarre yet statistical scale) almost double No. 2 Angelina Jolie. Let's begin with the basics: She started the decade with her smash "Oops!... I Did It Again," and her subsequent releases gave her four No. 1 albums in a row -- a level of talent (or popularity) she managed to sustain throughout most of the decade despite being caught in the giant tabloid maw most of the time. Even her 2008 release, "Circus," hit No. 1 on the charts. Her 55-hour marriage, her children, her bizarre behavior -- all of this contributed to her sex and search appeal. During the decade, Esquire deemed her suitable cover material, she finished 2nd or 3rd on FHM's sexiest women's list many times (and 1st once, in 2004), and was the most searched-for woman in 2001, 2003, 2004, and 2008, and way up there in other years. It was, undoubtedly, the decade of Britney. Which says a whole lot more about us than it does about her.

2000 "Oops! I Did It Again" Comes Out, Dominates Radio Waves, Television and Masturbation Fantasies

2001 Britney Gets Even More Sexual on "Britney"

2002 Britney Breaks Up with Justin, Rumors Are Fueled by "Cry Me a River." She Also Starred in "Crossroads."

2003 Britney Dates Fred Durst, Kisses Madonna, Releases "In the Zone"

2004-2005 Britney Gets Married, Gets Married Again

2006 Sh** Hits the Fan

2007 Sh** Continues to Spin Around, Fling Off the Fan

2008 After Treatment for an Unknown Mental Disorder, Britney Miraculously Seems to Be Normal Again

2009 Britney Heads a Sold-Out National Tour