Diggerland is a chain of amusements parks in England which feature rides made out of construction equipment like excavators and dump trucks. Initially conceived for children, Diggerland has begun holding adult and corporate events, and offers lessons in operating the heavy machinery to the older set.

But so far, a plan to bring Diggerland across the Atlantic has yet to be actualized, despite an American culture of manifest destiny and an ingrained desire to jump on a giant earth mover and defeat the elements. In the meantime, we've rounded up a few other American theme parks that would quench the thirst for some manly entertainment. Read on to check them out.

Drive a Tank in Kasota, Minn., allows patrons to do exactly that. For $499, instructors will teach you how to operate a tracked, armored fighting vehicle, and then allow you to spend a few hours driving different tank models around.

While you can't fire live ammunition, realistic blanks are available. For another $499 you can top off your day by crushing a car. ($699 for two cars!)
The Texas Hogwallow Mud Park is an off-road theme park that offers race tracks, obstacle courses and miles of trails for ATVs, mud trucks or even rider lawn mowers.

The facility also features paintball and exotic animals. Texas Hogwallow explicitly bans nudity, and any amusement park that has to take that measure sounds like a whole lot of fun.
The Flintstones Bedrock City in Custer, S.D., doesn't have any heavy machinery to ride around on. But it does hearken back to a prehistoric time when manly men drove to work every day in foot-powered cars while their wives stayed at home and tidied up their freestanding cave dwelling with the help of a baby elephant vacuum cleaner.