Sometimes the funniest stuff in movies isn't part of the script.

Ever since we first spotted the salty extra zipping up his fly in the background of the big victory scene in "Teen Wolf," we've been obsessed with those bloopers that cruise under the editor's nose and make it into the final cut.

The following clips feature some of our favorite funny and disturbing movie mistakes.

"Teen Wolf" Extra Steals Michael J. Fox's Thunder, Nearly Shows Penis
The weirdest thing here isn't the fact that a high school basketball team eked out a victory with a werewolf as MVP, but that some guy in the bleachers unzipped his pants to masturbate during the game. (Through the wonders of HD, this mistake has become even more obscene.)

"Back to the Future, Part III" Kid Is a Pervert

It happens so quickly and without warning, but the raunchy rapscallion makes an unmistakable "come and get it" gesture toward his penis. We'd guess that an older version of the kid visited him before the scene and put him up to it, but then the universe would have imploded.

Stormtrooper Hits Head While Walking

Not only does a Stormtrooper uniform fail to protect its wearer from blaster shots, but low ceilings are also a menace. What's the point of instilling fear when you can't even clear a door frame?

The Guy Who Played Darth Vader Collides With Crappy Prop

Don't ask us why David Prowse (who went on to portray the baddest dad in film history) is half-naked and painted silver in this clip. We don't know, and we don't want to know. But he hits his glittery head hard and no one misses a beat. Consummate professionalism, or "Who gives a sh**?" shoulder-shrugging ambivalence?

Smart-Ass Kid in "The Pest" Throws Up Gang Sign?

Our gang sign–ese is a little rusty, but it looks like this kid is representin' ... something. Can anyone in our readership with a gang affiliation (Crips or Bloods -- we don't judge) educate us?