Journalist Jessica Pilot was recently introduced to the latest cyber-crack that the World Wide Web has secreted for the fiending, bleary-eyed masses hunched over their computers at two in the morning: ChatRoulette.

It's a Web site where you are connected with a random person through live video chat, and if you get bored you can just hit next and be connected to a new person. It also makes the Craigslist Casual Encounters section look like the playpen at Chuck E. Cheese.

The recently launched site is still the wild West of the Internet, presenting plenty of opportunities for the mischievously inclined. I spent my entire Saturday night with a friend cycling through the "Random Strangers" and the next night with Heeb magazine's "Dreidel Hustler" doing the same. Here are some screen grabs of my favorite moments from our adventures:

In a land with roughly at 20 to 1 male to female ratio people will do strange thing for the possibility of seeing some breasts or finding a hookup online.

My friend and I scare some tool when I pretend to choke her.

The Dreidel Hustler and I get scared by some possible suicides but are relieved when calling the numbers reveals them to be fakes.

A celebrity stops by.

A program called Manycam allows users to get "creative."

A killer clown gives my friend nightmares.

OK, now go enjoy ChatRoulette for yourself before the FBI shuts it down and don't forget to send Asylum your own screen grabs.

Oliver Noble is an Asylum contributor with a strange idea of fun.