Of all the halls of fame devoted to robots, the Robot Hall of Fame in Pittsburgh is clearly one of the best. Past inductees include Lt. Cmdr. Data, Gort, Astroboy and R2-D2. The Hall of Fame is currently seeking nominees for its 2010 roster, and after some soul-searching, we came up with this list of 10 autonomous icons that deserve their spots among the elite.

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Which Robot Should Be Inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame?
Tom Servo & Crow T. Robot 314 (26.5%)
Chuck E. Cheese29 (2.4%)
Robocop79 (6.7%)
Lobot8 (0.7%)
Deckard10 (0.8%)
Caprica Six69 (5.8%)
Bender Bending Rodriguez300 (25.3%)
Optimus Prime192 (16.2%)
Wall-E119 (10.0%)
MegaMan66 (5.6%)

Crow T Robot and Tom Servo
One is made from molybdenum and Kevlar and the other has a gumball machine for a head, but both of these "Mystery Science Theater 3000" bots made it their duty not just to bring forgotten film gems to light, but to horribly rip them apart for your viewing pleasure.

If induction into the hall of fame is the result of a robot's accomplishments, then Crow's screenplay, "Chocolate Jones and the Temple of Funk," and Servo's wicked Irish tenor should definitely put both near the head of the pack, or at least somewhere ahead of that no-account Johnny-5.

Chuck E. Cheese
What's not to love about a giant, anthropomorphic rodent that shills pizza, plays bass and sings? The answer is nothing. Mr. Cheese has entertained thousands of ADD-addled children at birthday parties since 1977 and probably appeared in one or two nightmares in that time as well. Few other robots have been at the helm of a successful pizza chain with a side job as lead singer in the house band.
That Robocop hasn't already been added to the Hall of Fame is not just an insult, it's a health and safety risk. Once Detroit gets around to actually making this guy, he's going to be super-angry that he's not getting any recognition.

Officer Alex Murphy not only cleaned up the streets, he made it through not one, but two horrible sequels, a terrible TV show and comic book adaptations that pitted him against the Terminator.
An oft-overlooked character in the Star Wars universe, usually taking a back seat to flashier mechanical types like C-3PO and IG-88, Lando Calrissian's assistant Lobot arguably saved the universe. Or at least helped.

When the Empire arrived on Cloud City, Lando would never have been able to turn the tables if not for Lobot and his ability to interact with the city's computers. In other words, he's probably the one who told R2 that the hyperdrive on the Millennium Falcon was offline, and how to fix it.
Harrison Ford's most hardcore non-Indiana-related character, Rick Deckard from Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" is a cop whose job is to retire artificial humans, or replicants. And while it's true that at no point in the film or the book is it ever said that Deckard is a robot, Ridley Scott says otherwise.

The fact the man can make it through an entire movie without anyone knowing he's a robot easily qualifies him for the Hall.
Caprica Six
Though there are several Sixes in "Battlestar Galactica," Caprica Six ranks as our favorite because, you know, she's hot. Plus, she was nice enough to espouse a non-genocidal method of dealing with humans, and we really can't ask for more than that from super-hot robots.
Bender Bending Rodriguez
The pinnacle of robotics in the universe, if for no other reason than he's a sentient machine designed for one task that he rarely ever performs because he's grown so far beyond it. Instead, he focuses on practicing human vices and wise-cracking. We can only hope to develop artificial intelligence so well that one day, instead of trying to enslave mankind or destroy them as seen in so much sci-fi, it just wants to drink malt liquor and play poker.
Optimus Prime
The leader of the Autobots is one hardcore dude, even if he's forced against his will to appear in nearly unintelligible films these days. Anyone trying to save a planet from merciless, soulless enemies capable of transforming into tanks, helicopters and a myriad of other machines of war and does so in the form of a vehicle best used for hauling pants and produce deserves our respect.
Not only is he the star of one of the best-rated films, animated or otherwise, of the last decade, he's environmentally friendly, sentimental and cute as a bug's ear. Plus he manages to save Earth for humanity, which is kind of admirable, and snags a girlfriend despite living on a planet devoid of all life.
Mega Man
At the helm of over 100 games, having sold 28 million copies, Mega Man is to games what Stephen King is to books. He never sleeps, he just works. And when he kills people he steals their power. Plus he has a robot dog. Just like Stephen King.
It's in your hands now, kids. Who would you nominate for induction into the Robot Hall of Fame and why?