If Agan Harap's goal is to make history entertaining, he has succeeded. It's hard not to crack a smile when you check out his reimagination of the Yalta Conference, which includes a wayward Jedi knight.

That photo comes from the 29-year-old artist's "Superhero" series, which consists of superheroes (and supervillains) Photoshopped into historical settings.

"Everybody is so serious when they learn and discuss history," Harahap told Asylum. "I just want to have some fun with it and make everybody smile."

Harap, who also works as the senior photographer for "Trax," an Indonesian music magazine, used Photoshop 7 to create his Superhero series. And while his art isn't likely to make its way into any high school's curriculum, the fanciful scenes will ring a vague bell in the brain of anyone who's daydreamed their way through history class.

Read on to check out more pictures from the set, including Harap's favorite, a stern-faced Batman addressing a group of Allied paratroopers.

Roosevelt. Churchill. Stalin. Vader. Never has such a collection powerful leaders been assembled in one place.
Batman's all business when he briefs a group of allied paratroopers at Greenham Common Airfield in England.
Spider-Man was the last thing this American soldier expected to run into on D-Day.
Superman poses with three American GIs, who have just plundered some pretty swanky Nazi-loot.
German soldiers surrender to the mysterious V, of vendetta fame.

All photos courtesy of Agan Harahap.