All those Dew-fueled gaming marathons and the sleepless (dateless) Saturday nights will all be worth it when "Major League Baseball 2K10" drops on March 2. That's because the first person to pitch a perfect game -- no hits, no walks, no errors -- between then and May 1 wins a million bucks.

Compete on Xbox 360, Xbox Live, PlayStation 3 or PlayStationNetwork in the MLB Today mode, select from the available matchups, then highlight the "MLB 2K10 contest" option and have at it. You'll have to document your greatness -- keep a camera or DVR rolling because you have to send your flawless game to 2K Sports on DVD.

Don't even think about cheating: 2K Sports has partnered with Twin Galaxies International -- the worldwide authority on video game records and provider of scores to Guinness World Records -- to keep things on the up-and-up.

Plus, try any funny business and they'll send "MLB 2K10" poster child and Tampa Bay Rays All-Star third baseman Evan Longoria to your house with a baseball bat.