We're always game for a show that combines sexy women, burlesque dancing and sacrilegious references to the Lord's Book.

That's why on Sunday night in New York, Asylum was the first in line at the Delancey Lounge for a performance of "Storybook Burlesque Presents: The Bible". We put on our male chastity belts (i.e., Speedos) and promised to behave and the organizers acquiesced; looking back on these photos, however, it's a miracle we were able to control ourselves.

The Bible Burlesque dancers -- Jenny C'est Quoi, BB Heart, Magdalena Fox, Lefty Lucy, Cherry Magdalene, Victoria Privates, and Rosey La Rouge -- never looked as hot as they do in this risqué show.

Below is Victoria as sexy Joseph, whom she chose to portray because she's "used to wearing itchy, fake facial hair."

Click through to see images of more Biblical figures, from Moses to Lot's wife who makes us wonder why Job even bothered to ogle his neighbor when this magnificence was running around.

Magdelena Fox
Costume: Satan

Name: Magdelena Fox
Costume: Eve
Reason for Satan and Eve Costumes: "They're just great characters!"

Name: Lefty Lucy
Costume: Lot's Wife
Reason: Wanted to incorporate "Morton's" into her costume because Lot's wife turns into a pillar of salt

Name: Rosey La Rouge
Costume: The Tree Of Knowledge
Reason: "I've used a tree costume in several other acts and wanted to create a biblical interpretation for this story."

Name: BB Heart
Costume: Jesus Christ
Reason: "He's the most popular; great chance for interpretation"

Name: Jenny C'est Quoi
Costume: Moses
Reason: "The idea came from a Rat-a-tat song."

Name: Name: Cherry Magdalene
Costume: Easter
Reason: "I was a "Zombie Bunny" in a previous show, and I love the idea of resurrection. I also wanted the tie-in of my name and Mary Magdalene."

Name: Reverend Burke
Costume: Reverend / Host
Reason: "It was a perfect fit for the bible story, and I loves interpreting classic stories."

Name: Boozy Collins (door lady)
Costume: The Bible

The cast, after interpreting the Book of Revelation and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.