Our compatriots in dudeism have made a business of ranking the hottest women on the planet and for the most part people just accept the lists they put out, shrug and move on. But here at Asylum, we like to consider ourselves hotness scientists which is why we created our controversial top 100 list based on search-engine data.

But what about those other, editorial, subjective lists of Maxim, AskMen and FHM? What do they say about our competitors and their readers? Good question, here's the breakdown:

Major conclusions: AskMen favors the slightly older, more mature and less-partying type. The other two seem to unite in favor of more household names (Christina Aguilera and Cameron Diaz), and the not-very-wholesome women who may be hot, but are more likely to get cited for DUI (e.g., Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears).

Total number of entries:

Of a maximum 299 different entries, there are 189 unique women that made the three lists.

Common entries:
28 women appear on all three lists

Highest average ranks of women appearing on all three lists:
Megan Fox -- 3.5 (1 on FHM; 11 on AskMen; 2 on Maxim)
Jessica Alba -- 6.7 (2 on FHM; 5 on AskMen; 13 on Maxim)
Marisa Miller --10.3 (11 on FHM; 2 on AskMen; 18 on Maxim)

Unique entries on each list:
Maxim has the most unique entries (38), with AskMen a close second (37) and FHM the fewest (32)

Most disagreement on a woman appearing on all three lists:
The rank for Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr differs by almost 40 each way: she's 97 on FHM, 10 on AskMen, and 58 on Maxim

Biggest overlap between two lists:
Tie: Maxim/FHM and AskMen/FHM both have 48 entries in common

Smallest overlap between two lists:
Maxim and AskMen have only 42 entries in common

Top 10 stats:

-- Predominant occupation -- Actress (FHM has 7, AskMen 6 and Maxim 7)
-- Predominant hair color -- Brunette (7 on FHM, 9 on AskMen and 6 on Maxim)
-- Average age -- 25.8 (FHM), 26.5 (Maxim), 29.5 (AskMen)
-- Oldest in any top 10 -- Kate Beckinsale (36 years old, AskMen)
-- Youngest in any top 10 -- Rihanna (21 years old, Maxim)

*Scarlett Johannson is naturally blonde but may have red hair right now, and Jessica Alba is brunette but has/had blond hair for the film "Valentines Day." Also, Jessica Biel and Eva Mendes apparently had blond hair in the past year or so (both are brunettes).

The two most surprising items:
- Emmanuelle Chriqui is #1 on AskMen, but doesn't rank on Maxim (91 on FHM)
- Olivia Wilde is #1 on Maxim's list, but doesn't appear on FHM's (49 on AskMen)

Consensus between two lists but snubbed from the other:
- Lindsay Lohan is 22 and 23 on FHM and Maxim, respectively, but AskMen left her off the list
- Cameron Diaz is 37 on Maxim and 38 on FHM, but AskMen left her off
- Natalie Portman is 17 on both FHM and Askmen, but not on Maxim's list
- Taylor Swift is 50 on AskMen and 51 on Maxim, but not on FHM
- Zoe Saldana is 33 and 29 on AskMen and Maxim, but not on FHM
- Britney Spears is 12 on FHM and 13 on Maxim, but didn't make AskMen
- Not quite as consensus, but Christina Aguilera is 35 on FHM and 14 on Maxim, and absent from AskMen

Divergent opinions about women appearing on all three:

-- Bar Refaeli is 3 on Maxim, 58 on FHM and 13 on AskMen
-- Eliza Dushku is 7 on Maxim, but 53 on FHM and 60 on AskMen
-- Rihanna is 8 on Maxim, 78 on FHM and 56 on AskMen

The haven for middle-aged stars:

-- Jennifer Aniston (40), Tina Fey (39), Carmen Electra (37), and Pam Anderson (42) appear on only one list each, and that's the same list: FHM.

One list holds in high regard, but appears low or absent from the others:
-- Madeline Zima is 5 on FHM, but that's the only list she makes
-- Alessandra Ambrosio 4 in AskMen, but 64 on FHM and absent from Maxim
-- Cheryl Cole is 8 on AskMen, but 87 on FHM and absent from Maxim
-- Jordana Brewster is 9 on Maxim, but doesn't appear on the other lists
-- Erica Durance is 14 on FHM, but doesn't appear on the others
-- Erin Andrews and January Jones are 15 and 18 on AskMen, but not on the others
-- Heidi Montag is 8 on FHM, but 81 on Maxim and doesn't appear on AskMen
-- Moon Bloodgood is 20 on Maxim, but 97 on FHM and not on AskMen
-- Kristen Stewart is 21 on AskMen, but 90 on FHM and not on Maxim

Odds and ends:

-- First Ladies: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the first lady of France, appears at 70 on FHM; Michelle Obama is 93 on Maxim
-- Rachael Ray is 100 on FHM. Why? Oh right, they did a photo shoot with her.
-- Sasha Grey, to the best of our knowledge, is the only porn star on any of the lists, and she's on AskMen's "most desirable" of all places (but nowhere else).
-- Penelope Cruz is absent from FHM, but she's 8 on AskMen and 30 on Maxim; this is odd, because FHM is otherwise the haven for middle-aged actresses.