No trip to the U.K. is complete without getting utterly hammered at a pub. And what better activity when you're utterly hammered than enjoying an interactive, life-like dinosaur experience.

The attraction, located in Oxford Street Park in the midst of the wilds of London, features 24 life-size, animatronic dinosaurs ranging from stegosaurus to tyrannosaurus to velociraptors, because even though no one had heard of them before Jurassic Park came out, they're the coolest thing before sliced bread now. Visitors can bring the whole family for a day of fun and learning, because all of this stuff has to be educational in some way; otherwise you're just spending about $30 to look at robot dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Unleashed claims to be the U.K.'s largest animatronic, life-size dinosaur experience, clearly beating the crap out of Jim's Dino Ranch and the Itty Bitty Dinosaur Committee set up by Piccadilly Circus that, frankly, sucks.

Keep reading to see the dinos being made.