Believe it or not, there are people out there who pretend to be down with the nerd rabble to boost their geek cred in a bid for money and attention. It's horrifying to consider, but that smoking-hot model-cum-movie-starlet may not actually give a sh-t about the latest X-Men series.

She most likely had her personal assistant do a little research and feed her some buzzwords so she could put up a good front in an interview with the columnist from "Uber Geek Quarterly." ("Yes, Frank, I love comic books. My favorite character is Wolverine. He's so hot, and he's got those claws. I know he'd keep the paparazzi away!") And as quickly as she memorized the material, it's gone -- just like the lines from her last finished scene.

Keep reading for our list of the most egregious offenders who fake geek good.

Megan Fox. It's ironic that the aptly-named Fox got her start fooling fanboys by starring in a movie about robots in disguise, since she shamelessly disguises herself as just one of the geeks. If tricking people into believing she's a comic book aficionado was an Academy Award category, she'd have five Oscars sitting on her mantle. As much as we'd all love to imagine her lying on her bed, feet swaying in the air, wearing just an oversize T-shirt and panties with her perfect little nose in a comic book, it's time to come to terms with the fact that that just isn't plausible.

By all means continue viewing her as gorgeous (she is), but let's purge the misguided notion that she's well-versed in comic books from the collective nerd unconscious.

Olivia Munn. Normally it takes two exposed breasts to land the cover of Playboy, but in the case of G4TV's "Attack of the Show!" host Olivia Munn, just having them is enough.

Olivia Munn Playboy CoverCatering to all things tech, Munn puts up an extremely convincing case for being a bona fide dork. However, her not-so-nude centerfold in Playboy raised eyebrows (among other things) about her intentions, and she's said how games were her "weak suit." None of that stopped the fanboy furor over her spread; one site even regarded her as "the hottie with Geek Goddess approachability -- the gamer's Athena." We're not quite sold.

Is she co-opting her popularity with the nerdcore who watches "Attack of the Show!" to launch a more far-reaching career? Probably. Does G4TV kinda know that already and thus have no qualms with helping objectify her on air by making her eat a hot dog dangling from a string? Definitely.

Kristen Stewart. Comic Con is the new big thing when it comes to blatant self-promotion for celebrities looking to tap into a demographic that doesn't sit around watching "Entertainment Tonight." It's treated like the "Access Hollywood" of nerd get-togethers by PR folks, and for good reason: Attendees spend most of their disposable income on video games, comic books, action figures, and movies en masse. It's a marketing meat market - something the suits behind the "Twilight" movies obviously noticed when they sent Kristen Stewart (and whoever those other two guys are) there for a panel.

Sporting a punked-up style that her stylist probably took three hours "putting together," Stewart's appearance at Comic Con belied her geek-free resumé. She is, however, portraying Joan Jett in the upcoming flick "The Runaways," which, while not nerdy, is pretty badass, and that's a step in the right direction. But using the vaunted Comic Con as fodder for press about already hugely popular teen romance movies featuring sparkling vampires is tantamount in tackiness to cos-playing as Dr. Manhattan from "Watchmen" -- blue wang and all.

Or, as Jordan Newmark, editor of Kristen Stewart Wants IT, told Asylum, "It isn't her lack of trying. Clearly, Kristen Stewart "wants" to be a geek. But there isn't anything "geeky" about being young, hot, famous, playing Joan Jett, raising wolves as pets, and dating one of the most fawned-after guys in Hollywood."

Kristin Kreuk. What is it with actresses named "Kristen" (or in this case "Kristin") and their tendency to play up their clout with the geek community when in fact they really have no idea what they're talking about or getting into? Kreuk got her big break on "Smallville," which is essentially Superman's answer to "The O.C.," playing Lana Lang and then landed the starring role in 2009s "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li."

This is the clearest case of an actress taking on a role just to take advantage of a fan base. If she had any grasp of the "Street Fighter" franchise, she'd have known before signing on to play everyone's favorite abnormally thighed ass-kicker that Hollywood's first attempt ended up not only being one of the worst video game film adaptations, but one of the worst movies ever made. If humanity were to make a time capsule that held the worst collective moments of the species, the original flick starring Jean-Claude Van Damme would reside right next to Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and a "Cotton-Eyed Joe" cassette single.

The kicker (no pun intended)? She's only played "Street Fighter" once.