Lindsey Vonn's photo on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Winter Olympics preview issue has sparked debate. Some claim SI wouldn't have had a man strike such a "sexual" pose, referring to the crouching position in which Vonn appears.

On the other hand, the cover photo looks a lot like a woman wearing a ski suit performing a ski move. That's not to say Lindsey Vonn isn't one good-looking Olympian; in fact, we've had our eyes on the St. Paul, Minn., native ever since the 2006 games, where she gutted out eighth place in the downhill after falling the day before and spending the night in the hospital.

Since then, Vonn has established herself as the best women's Alpine skier in the world. However, disastrous injury almost struck again in December, when she bruised her arm during a very scary-looking tumble at the World Championships.

Read on to check out some more photos of the woman whose quest for Alpine immortality is about to be featured in your living room or den.

According to the 25-year-old, she's well on the road to recovery. "I'm feeling pretty good after winning the Super G at the final race before the Olympics," Vonn told Aslyum. "Luckily, in the speed events my arm doesn't bother me. And the event that I might notice it the most is the slalom, which is at the very end."

As for potentially becoming a sex symbol? "Honestly, I don't think about it too much," she told us. "I'm more focused on being a good role model and just being a positive person. Maybe that's a better question for my husband!"

So yeah, sorry, fellas.