This week features a showdown between smart, alluring Amanda and a mechanical cheetah that may not be capable of chasing down a gazelle but will definitely freak out your pets. Which sexy beast is for you: the college student with a geek streak (she knows Batman could beat Superman), or the meticulously crafted Steampunk Cheetah?
Which would you rather have?
Amanda. She can tutor me anytime. 1314 (79.3%)
Steampunk Cheetah. More awesome than an actual cheetah.342 (20.7%)

Pro: You would finally get the chance to visit Iowa.
Con: You would have to visit Iowa.
Pro: She's a gamer, so we know she's into PvP.
Con: Knows all the words to "Cotton-Eye Joe."

Steampunk Cheetah
Pro: Thanks to wheels on its feet, the cheetah can actually be played with ... or used to scare your (house) cat.
Con: It weighs 40 lbs. and could crush a child.
Pro: A work of art, but with steel and electrical conduits instead of paint or marble.
Con: Run the risk of being dubbed "that crazy guy with the metal cat."

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