If you're looking for a special way to exchange wedding vows and don't mind the risk of drowning, then look no further than the Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony in Thailand.

The 14th annual made-for–Valentine's Day event will take place from Feb. 12–14 off Pak Meng Beach in southern Thailand's Trang district. Locals and tourists participate in the event, which consists of a traditional Thai wedding ceremony and signing of a wedding certificate at depths of about 40 feet underwater.

"One or two couples go under the water at a time," the one English-speaking representative from Trang's Chamber of Commerce tells Asylum. "And each pair will spend about five minutes underwater."

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The couples wear diving equipment for the plunge, but it's not necessary to be an experienced diver to participate. The packages, including the underwater marriage, range from about $600 to $1,000, depending on accommodations.

The Chamber of Commerce believes the one of a kind event is well worth it: "Only in Thailand can you experience something so unique."

The event brings tourism to Trang's gorgeous beaches and also promotes the Buddhism ritual and the traditional Thai wedding ceremony. Couples wear hand-woven wedding costumes and are escorted to their honeymoon suites by older, happily married couples, in order to bring peace and a long-lasting relationship to the newlyweds.

We are pretty sure the older couples do not participate in the ensuing activities.