Legendary comedic actress Betty White is quite obviously awesome, which is why we've been featuring her on T-shirts for quite a while now. We even gave Megan Fox the boot for once in favor of devoting a day to all things Betty White.

And even though it took months and months, the rest of the world is slowly catching on. White has gone viral with her hilarious Snickers commercial (embedded on the next page), which debuted during the Super Bowl. And there's a movement to get her to host "Saturday Night Live."

And really, is it any surprise? She was the coolest Golden Girl, the only watchable part of both "Lake Placid" and "The Proposal," and, if she catches you abusing an animal, word is she will actually break you in half with her bare hands.

We're happy the Internet is finally catching on to the excellence that is Betty White, and we're absolutely on board with her hosting "SNL." But we also can't help but wonder what took everyone so long.