A sideshow without a human blockhead would cease to be a true sideshow. So, for the latest installment of "Asylum Sideshow," we asked Morgen Night (aka Mister Morgue) to do what he does best and shove metal objects into his face. A word of warning: we're calling this episode "Meathead Morgue" because it involves a giant meat hook and a skull linking up in a way that might make you a bit squeamish ...

Meathead Morgue AS

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Drop a URL to a video of your performance in the comments, or email editor@asylum.com for a chance to be featured in the "Asylum Sideshow." This week's winner comes from WGN in Chicago. We're not sure exactly why this is part of a local news broadcast, but our respect for Charles Bronson is much more fragrant as a result.