Many writers don't get very much recognition. Especially those that do a majority of their writing online.

In fact, the only time readers seem to take notice of the byline of an article is when they think it's pure excrement and want to make sure they spell the writer's name correctly in the comments when explaining how much of a whore mother they have.

So a Facebook group devoted to a blogger and how much he sucks is almost like the online version of winning a Pulitzer. A reader (and possible customer service rep) hated my article about how acting like an a**hole can get you better customer service so much he took the time to create the Chris Illuminati with Asylum is an IDIOT! Facebook group to voice his displeasure and get people to join the cause.

When readers comment, either positively or negatively, it's a form of recognition. It's a way of saying that the article moved a person in such a way they felt the need to say something in a public forum. Ask any blogger and they will say they would rather see negative comments on a post than no comments at all.

That's why I'm honored and flattered. Consider me an active and enthusiastic member of the Chris Illuminati with Asylum is an IDIOT! Facebook group. I ask everyone reading to join the group. After all, I am an idiot. I mean, who else would ask people to join a group whose sole purpose is to point out how much of an idiot he is.

But if the creator of this group does indeed work in the field of customer service, it does raise the point that if he spent more time working and less time commenting on blogs and making Facebook groups, none of us would take issue with sitting on hold for hours.

But what do I know? I'm just an a**hole ... um ... idiot.

Chris Illuminati is an Asylum contributor and IDIOT!