In many countries, President's Day is celebrated by throwing all living Presidents into a giant pit and rewarding the first one to emerge with the coveted title of "Greatest President Ever."

Actually, that's completely made up, but it would be kinda cool.

Anyway, in lieu of being able to offer a Commander in Chief death match, we would like to celebrate this holiday Monday by allowing you to exercise your democratic right to vote on which of our Presidents was the biggest badass.

Read on for a refresher on each of the nominated's manly accomplishments.
Which President Had The Most Manly Attributes?
Andrew Jackson -- "Old Hickory" was as unbending as a hickory stick525 (16.9%)
Teddy Roosevelt -- spoke softly and carried a big stick1574 (50.6%)
John F. Kennedy -- liked to stick it to the ladies334 (10.7%)
George Washington -- probably invented the stick516 (16.6%)
Another president -- tell us why in the comment section162 (5.2%)

George Washington
The nation's first president is officially all of our daddies, and this NSFW video pretty much sums up his immortal badassery.

Why he's not:
Apparently quite vein about his appearance, and, of course, wore a dainty looking wig.

Andrew Jackson
Before becoming president, he killed a man in a duel after allowing his opponent first shot and taking one in the chest. During his inauguration, Jackson opened the White House to the public -- because that's just how AJ rolled -- and it basically became the greatest, rowdiest keg party ever.

Why he's not:
His administration was crippled by gossip, of all things.

Teddy Roosevelt
The barrel-chested, cattle ranching, rough riding, trust buster was once shot in the torso right before giving a speech. Roosevelt still gave the speech.

Why he's not:
He's the only president to have a cuddly stuffed animal toy named after him.

John F. Kennedy
JFK was a best selling author by 23 and a war hero by 26. Then he became the youngest president ever elected into office -- taking his just reward with many a beautiful woman along the way

Why he's not:
Although it was hidden from the public, Kennedy was sicklier than even the wet-nosed, diabetic, asthmatic kid you used to make fun of in elementary school.