Over the weekend, director Kevin Smith loudly tweeted about his removal from a Southwest Airlines flight due to his weight, leaving the Internet asking the question: Is Kevin Smith too fat to fly?

According to spokespeople at American Airlines, Delta and Southwest Airlines there is no maximum weight limit per passenger, but they will ask a passenger of size to purchase an additional seat if they do not fit into a single seat.

Of course, airplanes do have weight limits. On a full take of jet fuel, the average 747 can hold 140,247 lbs. of people and their stuff. Since the average jumbo jet carries 448 passengers, that leaves only 313 lbs. per passenger and his luggage. However, unless Smith's entire plane was rented out by the Sumo Wrestling Association, actual poundage probably wasn't the issue.

In one of his heated tweets @SouthwestAir, Smith contended, "I'm way fat ... But I'm not THERE just yet."

Agree? Keep reading to see the opinions of some of the legions of people currently tweeting @ the portly director.

The Pro:

@thatkevinsmith I've sat by people way fatter than you.. You're not even fat, really. This is crazy. At least your bags flew for free!

EsteeBrooke RT @ThatKevinSmith u sure u weren't kicked off the plane for the ending to Chasing Amy? Kidding Southwest deserves a stinkpalm!

hyphend @thatkevinsmith kevin smith = rosa parks?

The Con:

KurtSchlichter @ThatKevinSmith & Southwest: Dude, you're too freakin' fat. Period. Fat and whiny is even worse. Do a sit-up, forgo a muffin and move on.

Calig_Kela @thatkevinsmith let's see a picture of you in an airplane seat and judge for ourselves if we'd like to sit next to your giant ass.

whatsdafus @ThatKevinSmith dude. You're rich. Why don't you take two years off. Get a personal trainer. A chef and get back on track?

The Confused:

lancecourtney @ThatKevinSmith I'm more concerned w WHY Kevin Smith was flying Southwest? Surely a man of your means can book a 1st class seat on AA, etc

The Opportunistic:

COhomes4sale @ThatKevinSmith: Kevin, I think you're alright. Say, do you have any idea how I might get into an acting role on TV or movies? any way ?