Everybody has had trouble squeezing into those bite-size parking spots. After all, it's quite a feat to maneuver 2 tons of metal in between two white lines.

However, there are some parking gaffes that are simply inexcusable, such as ramming your car into the sedan behind you (or worse yet, a building) while trying to parallel park. In those situations, an apologetic note on the windshield just doesn't cut it.

This, and worse, happens as we gather up the top 15 parking fail videos caught on camera. Inspired by our friends at FAILblog we sought failures on four wheels of epic proportions.

15. Epic Cop Fail

A policeman in Hungary goes for an epic parking job, but doesn't quite get the entrance he hoped for.

14. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

This driver in Bucharest, Romania, spends quite a bit of time trying to weasel his way into a spot.

13. Assistance Win

This driver spends four minutes trying to back into a spot until someone else takes the wheel and does the job in just under nine seconds.

12. Rearview Mirror Fail

A driver goes for a virtually impossible parallel parking job in Amsterdam -- and rams the car behind him in the process.

11. What Do You Mean I Hit and Ran?

You have to wonder how she parked the car in the first place.

10. Public Humiliation

A driver humiliates herself in front of passersby while attempting a tough squeeze.

9. Parking Brake Fail

Parking brakes were made for a reason.

8. Parking Is a Dangerous Game

Was this supposed to be a parking job or a U-turn?

7. Who's Driving Whom?

Two security cameras document a man trying to stop his car. And failing.

6. A Little Less Gas, Maybe?

A driver totals her Mercedes when backing out.

5. Like a Glove

A car screeching into a spot, in the words of Ace Ventura, "like a glove."

4. Car Passes Out

Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

3. Ahem, Sidewalks Are for Walking

A candid shot of a classic parallel-parking fail.

2. Another Angle of Fail

This restaurant had no drive-thru, so this driver made her own.

1. Gas on the Left, Brake on the Right

This BMW in Canada causes hefty damage. And proceeds to drive off.