Sure, two of the most badass actors of recent American cinema -- Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson -- opted to shave their heads before they went bald naturally.

But there are still plenty of successful men out there who resist the pressure to mask their hair loss, and the best among them are proudly rocking power alleys.

What the heck are power alleys, you ask? Just check out Jackson and Willis's matching hairlines in "Die Hard With a Vengeance" (pictured at left). In 1995, they could have been the power-alley poster boys.

"Power alley is an accurate term for that type of balding," says Dr. Robert M. Bernstein, a clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia University and world-renowned hair-transplant surgeon. "It's Norwood Class III balding, which is the most common type."

A more familiar term -- widow's peak -- is not the same thing.

Willis and Jackson both opted to shave their heads sometime in the past decade, but their respective losses of hair likely began much earlier. "People with bald parents are the most susceptible to hair loss," says Dr. Bernstein. "And it can happen at any age. I've seen patients in their late teens begin to lose their hair."

Even though we have a healthy head of hair, Asylum pays homage below to the many successful men -- from athletes to video-game characters -- who have proudly sported the power-alley look.

Mike Ditka
It doesn't get much tougher than "Iron Mike" Ditka, a Hall of Fame NFL tight end, head coach of the legendary '85 Bears (Da Bears) and current ESPN analyst.

Here he is going strong at age 70, showing off his alleys like he has for as long as we can all remember.
Landon Donovan
The 27-year-old midfielder/striker is one of the United States' finest soccer players. He's currently on loan to an English team from the MLS's Los Angeles Galaxy, but more impressive are his alleys, which extend well into the middle of his head.
Jude Law
The English actor shows off his well-formed alleys at the "Sherlock Holmes" premiere. Meanwhile, the phrases "Jude Law hair loss" and "Jude Law balding" fetch over 160,000 hits combined in Google searches. Just keep making movies, sir.
Gavin Rossdale
Rossdale, the former lead singer of Bush, does not shy away from the slicked-back hair look. That's a man who is proud of his power alleys.
Danny Glover
The longtime actor of "Lethal Weapon" fame has been a card-carrying member of the Power Alleys Club for most of his career.

Here he is last year showing the alleys off with some gray trimming. And no, he is not too old for this sh**.
Tony Blair
The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1997–2007) even made a guest appearance on "The Simpsons" once upon a time. The smile says it all -- he loves his alleys (although his teeth leave something to be desired).
Mel Kiper Jr.
Of the godfather of the NFL draft, says, "NFL Draft Day just wouldn't be the same without Mel Kiper Jr.'s hair. Perfectly sculpted and luxurious, this slick-backed 'do has become even more famous than the talent guru himself."

Those alleys should be a tourist attraction.
Billy Donovan
The 44-year-old head coach of the two-time NCAA national champion Florida Gators men's basketball team already has 359 wins to his credit -- as well as some of the deepest power alleys on the distinguished roster here.
Jack Tretton
He's the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, and one of the main men behind the PlayStation's development. A video game could be created about the awesomeness of his alleys.
Pizza Pasta
He only appeared in the arcade version of Nintendo's "Punch-Out!!", but according to the game's creator, the boxer's name "means that he sticks around and is hard to beat down."

And that, like his prominent alleys, is something to be proud of.