Do not let Olympian Shaun White fool you. Flying through the air while twisting your body into three full rotations may be fun and win you a gold medal, but when you miss the landing you won't get more than a spot on our top 10 snowboarding fails.

So before you decide to become an Olympic snowboarder, watch Shaun White and nine other erstwhile boarders hitting the snow in the worst possible way.

(At least most of them had the good sense to actually be on snow.)

1. Shaun White's X-games faceplant.

2. This is why snowboarding and metal shelving do not mix.

3. Snowboarding does not work without snow.

4.This teenager decided that jumping a shopping cart was a good idea.

5. We hope this guy has a chiropractor on stand-by.

6. If only he had known he just couldn't jump that high.

7. Looking both ways isn't just for when you are walking. (Warning this one hurts.)

8. Stairs should not be a staple in a snowboarder's diet.

9. Maybe next time try the bunny slope?

10. Girls take bad falls, too.

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