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Hayden Panettiere reportedly underwent breast augmentation surgery. (Daily Fill)

Tiger Woods is planning to issue a public apology and announce a return to golf on Friday. (TMZ)

Spike Jonze
produced a new, insane short film based on a novella by Maurice Sendak for the "Where the Wild Things Are" Blu-ray. (FilmDrunk)

Judd Apatow is teaming up with Kristin Wiig for a wedding-themed comedy. (Screen Junkies)

Kevin Eubanks is reportedly leaving Jay Leno's new "Tonight Show." (Popeater)

"Cop Out" star Bruce Willis has played many cops throughout his career. (Maxim)

The first photos of Tiger Woods out of rehab have surfaced. (Radar Online)

Robert Downey Jr. showed off "Iron Man 2" toys and gear at the 2010 Toy Fair. (ComicsAlliance)

Lindsey Jacobellis
could be the breakout snowboarder of the Vancouver Olympics. (With Leather)

Check out what would happen if "Team Fortress 2" was a Saturday morning cartoon. (Unreality Mag)