The media was quarantined miles away from Tiger's mea culpa conference, and everything was a bit calculated, but that didn't stop the odds-makers from cashing in on the spectacle. These were the odds at prior to the event. We didn't put up any bets of our own, but we kept score to see which ones paid off. Take a look at the results on the next page.

Will Tiger's Wife Elin Be Present at the Press Conference?
Short answer: No, which paid at +120.

Less-short answer: It wasn't really a press conference, but no, the Swedish bombshell was not at his side, not in the audience and nowhere to be seen. It's possible she was backstage, but that's mere speculation.

How Many Times Will Tiger Say the Word "Sorry"?

Tiger said "sorry" three times, well below the line set at 5.5.

Tough break for the bettors, because Tiger could have easily reeled off a sentence like "I'm sorry that I was a bad husband, I'm sorry that I let my sponsors down and I'm sorry that I disappointed so many of my fans." But this is no ordinary dude. Maybe the Stanford grad put down a bet of his own to pad his shrinking fortune, because he found other ways to say the same thing, such as "I have a lot to atone for."

Which Word Will Tiger Use the Most During His Statement?
The word "family", at 3/2, easily won; Tiger said the word six times. This reporter did not count "apologize" once.

Will Tiger Woods Wipe a Tear From His Face?
To anyone who bet Yes at +200 -- seriously? Tiger doesn't cry; he wins. And apparently he sleeps with porn stars, too. Although it's possible Tiger did cry when he hugged his mother after his statement.

Will Tiger Announce Which Tournament He Will Play in Next?
He didn't. Bodog set the line at -130, believing he probably wouldn't. He did say that he may return to the PGA tour this year, but that he would return to therapy and guidance first following the conference.

Bodog shouldn't even set a line for whether Tiger will be at the Masters in April. He will.