Ukrainian industrial designer Andy Kurovets knew something was missing from his latest creation -- a sleek, sexy mouse -- but he couldn't put his finger on it. So he added a clitoris.

The result is the breath-taking G-Spot mouse.

Asylum caught up with Kurovets at his home in Kiev for an exclusive interview. The first thing we wanted to know was if he realized his mouse looked like a cooley hopper.

"I tried to design it [with] the most aesthetic and visual similarity to the female genital organs," Kurovets says. "In nature there are many forms -- for example, some types of flowers -- looks like vagina."

Despite the shattered syntax (get used to it), the man knows what he's talking about. Keep reading to find out the inspiration behind the G-Spot mouse.

At first Kurovetz sought only to create an "extraordinary mouse" with a quick-access button. It was during the sketching process that he made the connection between design and the "form of the female sexual organ."

"It remained only to connect it all," he says.

When asked what he hopes to accomplish with his amazing invention, Kurovetz says, "First, I hope to find a company that would be interested to produce the product. If we talk about people's reactions, I hope they like it, and that in our fast high technology, people will sometimes stop and think about their personal, intimate life. Perhaps because of my [concept], some for the first time learn about this mysterious and sweet point on the female body and make [a] positive change in [his] intimate life."

Which brings up the question of just whose hoo-ha the G-Spot is based on?

"[The] mouse was modeled from the memory and the model is not required," said Andy.

So, his wife is okay with all this?

"I've been married for six months. [My wife sees] all of my concepts and on the basis of [her] critiques [I am] always making changes in design. When she saw the mouse, [she] said that she liked everything and nothing to change. She said that [it is] all wonderful."

Our only criticisms of Andy's once-in-a-generation breakthrough design:

(1) The legendary G-Spot is actually located inside a woman's vagina (about two inches in and on the top wall, for those who are looking) and this mouse doesn't go that deep.

(2) We can't actually have sex with it.